1. Can someone(who already passed the ielts exam) tell me how the reading and
    writing is passed ?
    i mean the 20 minute for task 1 do they stop you and tells you to go to the
    second task or it’s like “you’ve got 1 hour to finish both task”
    same question for reading do they give you 1h to finish the three texts or
    stop you every 20min and tells you ” you cannot continue this task go to
    the next task ?”

  2. Wang Yuyang says:

    Goin’ to have an IELTS test ! Anyone who wants to be an English speaking
    partner with me? I’m looking for someone not too far away from China time
    zone(i can only meet you online a little bit late at China’s night). You
    are welcome to talk with me about a wide range of things. Contact me via G+
    and hangouts. Thanks.

  3. Ximena Mancilla says:

    I want to take this Exam next year, so I would like to practice with
    someone my english and some tips for it.
    My Skype is xivedri

  4. sos simpson says:

    hi my name is Sarah I’m having my exam in 3 weeks. if you could help me
    please add me on my skype: saraalh1 we could be friends too. thanks

  5. Trần Ngọc says:

    Hey guys! I will take the IELTS test on 07/02/2015. My speaking skill is
    not so good, would anyone here like to be my speaking partner? Not only do
    we practise English but we can also exchange cultures. My skype ID is
    tranngoc1407. All people of goodwill are welcomed. :).

  6. I have IELTS exam on 13.12.14 and I’d really like to practise. Does anybody
    wants to talk? You can contact me via Facebook

  7. achyutha w m says:

    Hi Emma,
    Greetings from India.
    Your videos are truly educative and helpful :) ( and you’re lovely too :D )
    Thank you so much for your help :)
    I got a 7.5 overall

  8. Mattia Cozzi says:

    If somebody wants to practice for the speaking exam add me on skype…my
    name is: whackedboy

  9. Hi guys, I really want to pracice English. Woud you mind calling me on
    Skype. My ID is linh.thuy89. I would like to say many thanks for all your

  10. Francesco Totti says:

    I arrived to United kingdom before 20 days , i am studying English course
    in Newcastle college in intermediate level , this first time in my live i
    speak English , i have some problems with speaking , i guess i will make
    booking in IELTS exam next January , but i am not sure about i will get
    good score but i will try also now i prepare to do many practices about
    exam like reading , writing , listening and speaking . thank a lot for your
    video .

  11. Thắng Cao Việt says:

    Hey guys, I will take IELTS test on 31/1/2015. My IELTS speaking is not so
    good. So, would anyone here like to be my IELTS partner? My skype is:
    vietthangct1059. everyone are welcome :)

  12. Ahmad Baraka says:

    Well, i’m planing to book my IELTS test – most probably – during next
    month. I’d like to practice some English conversations (natives are
    welcomed :) ). Skype ID: greeneagle7611.

  13. Hasan DOLMACI says:

    Hello , how are you ? Firstly you do really well and it’s really helps to
    us.. Thank you so much! But I found one mistake :)
    13:29′ You didn’t say ” That ” but you put it on the subtitle. ( I’m
    listening really carefully :P )

    Greetings :) 

  14. omkaram arunkumar says:

    hi iam arun taking my ielts on jan 17 if any body want to share your ideas
    and improve your english you can add me my skype: arunkumarmettu
    thank you

  15. thanks for the tips Emma. . . . it was very helpful and I could score
    really well, because of your videos . . . !!!! cheers!!!!

  16. Dipto Sarkar says:

    Indian, Indonesian, Vietnam-an, Brazilian, Singaporean, Thai, Arabian, all
    are give there Skype id But all’s are really shy to talk they are just
    texting and massaging that’s is totally bad for speaking and don’t like it.
    So who have not feel to shy call and talk for IELTS speaking please comment
    your Skype id i’ll add you. I have also some native speaker in my contact
    we are doing group call that’s really effective.So please comment below if
    you want to improve your English level.

  17. jaspreet singh says:

    I hesitate when speaking English in front of anybody I don’t Know how am
    I going to handle this during my exam , I am having my exam on 31/1/2014,
    May be someone among you can help me through this ,my Skype ID is

  18. What do you mean just look but not stare lol? Like look at her hands, boobs

  19. IdealMusicChannel says:

    I’m Korean and I want to get a partner to practice speaking test. I’m
    aiming to get 7.5 on IELTS test and have a plan to do a test several times
    until March, 2015. My Skype ID : partyhong119
    If want to practice it, please text me via Skype. see ya

  20. if someone wants to practice their speaking, add me on skype: masteroyal
    my test will be on 31/01/15 :)

  21. anup reddy says:

    hello friends im hear to improve my speaking skills and u can be in
    contact with me in skype .. my id anup.reddy10

  22. Durbek Abduvaliev says:

    Thank you very much Emma :) Your videos help me a lot at preparing to IELTS
    Please don’t stop shooting them

  23. Isak Imamverdiyev says:

    Hi guys,I want to prepare the Ielts examination,if you are also interest
    for the preparing u can add me from skype
    my skype accout: isak.isak73

  24. She is completely crazy with horrible accent 

  25. Hi, there! I just took IELTS one month ago, and I got overall band score
    7.0 (with band score 7.0 on speaking test). If you want to practice, you
    can simply add my Skype. My Skype ID is ian.2305
    Let me see if I can help you. Thanks!

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